Bundi Festival

"Bundi Festival" : A Vibrant & Colorful Festival of Bundi

About Bundi Festival
Time of Festival – Celebrated in the month of  November (Kartik Month)

Bundi utsav is an event that presents the culture, folklore, traditions and craft of the region along with the artists of the adjoining areas. The festival includes a colourful shobha yatra (procession) from Garh Palace, art and craft fair, ethnic sports, cultural exhibition, deep dan, folk and classical music & dance programs, village safari, traditional rural sports, turban tying competition and sparkling fireworks display. The small nearby town Keshorai Patan wears the look of a little 'Pushkar' on the night of Kartik Purnima 'the full moon' . Men and women take a holy dip in river Chambal early in the morning and float diyas in the river. The temple and the scenic beauty arrest the attention of the visitors. The town buzzes with activities, celebration and joy.

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The people in this town are experts in making fine traditional arts and crafts which they put on stalls during the Bundi Festival. Shop for the exquisite handicrafts of this region and take some of them back home with you as souvenirs. The Bundi festival is an ideal festival for sports enthusiasts. With popular sports like Kabaddi, Horse riding and Camel races, the town of Bundi becomes a sporting hub during the festival. This festival offers tourists the chance to be a part of many unique activities like the turban tying and mustache competitions.

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