Chitrashala : The Beautiful Wall-paintings of Miniature Art


This famous 18th-century structure was built by Rao Raja Umed Singh (r. 1749–1773) who encouraged the arts, especially painting. Among the most famous of the Bundi painting style are perhaps depictions of the Ragamala, a narrative portrayal based on traditional melodies, and the Barahmasa, a series of paintings that portray life during each of the 12 months of the Indian calendar.

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The Chitrashala is a fascinating pavilion with frescoes showcasing the famous art of the Bundi school of miniature paintings. These paintings on the walls and ceiling depict scenes from the Ragamala and Rasalila, the epic story from the life of Radha and Krishna. There are also court and hunting scenes painted beautifully in shades of blue, green and turquoise. A glimpse of this will enthrall the art aficionado and will also leave the casual visitor equally mesmerized.

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Timing : Sunrise to Sunset

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