"Beautiful Countryside of Bundi"

The Potter's villages : Thikarda & Akoda

There are two villages to the North of Bundi - Akoda and Thikarda, where you can plan a days trip to enjoy and learn the art of making red clay earthern pots. Akoda is more popular and known, however Thikarda is not far behind. Both are great hosts to tourists and will eagerly demonstrate the process of making attractive pottery. Though, a detailed learning will cost you a nominal fee.

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The houses are made up of bricks with traditional glasswork on the doors and still have dung flooring . Villagers use to decorate their houses with White lime Mandna. Both being the potter's village are located at a distance of 10-15 kms from the Bundi district headquarter. The roads leading to the  villages are excellent with plenty of greenery and small farms spread across the barren desert land which makes the  ride very scenic.

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Milk at your Door from countrysides

The traditional practice of door to door delivery of Milk in Brass containers still continues, albeit on bikes as against by foot or bicycle earlier.

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Rout Map for Thikarda and Akoda Villages from Bundi