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Art & Culture of Bundi

A rich Cultural Heritage...

The cultural heritage of Bundi is as rich as it is diverse and this richness touches almost every aspect of the life of its people,The local crafts, the cuisine and the colours give the region a unique flavor and add a new dimension to its already extensive repertory. Bundi has a beautiful cultural and traditional background. The people and culture of Bundi are deeply connected with each other.A more common art form is the mandana, intricate patterns on floors and walls with folk as well as religious significance that are done in most rural households throughout the region

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Several communities in Bundi keep their traditions alive through song and dance performances-like the Tribal's  Swang or Dol Utsav and the popular Chakri folk dance of Kanjar tribe of Bundi-Kota region. A dance accompanied by traditional songs and performed exclusively by the womenfolk of this tribe, it is  their main source of livelihood.

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