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Panoramic View

Sun Rise Point, Mordi Cenotaph

Sun Rise Point, Mordi Cenotaph

Keshorai Patan (50 km)

This place is famous for the temple of Keshav Rai Ji (Lord Vishnu) which stands on a huge platform on the banks of the river Chambal. The temple, known for its beautiful architecture with decorative stone carving. It is an important pilgrimage center for the Hindus and was constructed by Maharaja Shastru Sal of Bundi state in 1601 AD. It is also an important Jain pilgrimage center as an ancient Jain Tirthankara temple is also here. The famous writer Nemi Chandra wrote the renowned holy granth (text) the Vrahed Dravya Sangrah in this temple. The Mratyunjay Mahadev temple is one of the oldest temples of Rajasthan. Keshoraipatan is one of the oldest towns of India and was named "Ashram Nagar"in ancient times. The town is of special interest to archaeologists as antiquities, including bricks and terracotta figurines of the Gupta period, were found here. This little town comes alive during the time of Karthik Purnima (October-November) when many devotees converge here to take a bath in the Chambal river and offer prayers. During this time an annual fair is also being organized.

Garadia Mahadev & Panoramic Chambal Valley (45 km)

Garadia Mahadev Temple is loacted 45 Km from District HQ Bundi. The magnificent view of Chambal Valley with U Shape will leave you stunned. There is a nice old temple of lord Shiva too just a few steps down the rocks. Garadia is a point where you can sit and relax for hours in the lap of mother Nature.

Banganga (5 km)

It is one of the holiest places in Bundi district, situated in the midst of a valley. Standing on the Bank of Banganga, this holy temple has a Kund or reservoir collected from the waters of the nala running through the hills. People from far and wide are attracted to the Natural beauty and holiness of this place. the temple was built by Rao Raja Kolhan of Bambavada before the establishment of the Hada dynasty. A Single stone Shivalinga is an attraction here in addition to . Badri Narayan and Kedarshwar temple.

Kshar Bagh (5 km)

This could also be called the garden of cenotaphs. The ancient garden has 66 royal cenotaphs with rich architectural grandeur. Among the 66 cenotaphs, the one built by rao Anirudh in the memory of his foster brother will definitely catch your attention.

Talwas (50 km)

It is a magnificent fort built by Ajit Singh. Adjacent to it, is the temple of Dhoondhleshwar Mahadev and a wonderful waterfall which makes the place worth a visit.Nearby is beautiful Ratan Sagar Lake, part of Ramgarh Sanctuary, where one can sight wild animals lile bear, leopard, hyna etc during summers.

Dugari Fort (48 km)

Check out the ancient wall paintings at Ram Mandir housed within an imposing fort at Dugari, about 48 km from Bundi. The walls of the fort are adonned with Bundi style of Paintings Raslilla and RadhaKrishna. You will get to see a lovely lake here called Kanak Sagar. The lake is home to several migratory birds during winter.

Indragarh (80 km)

Indragarh town is surrounded by huge walls with four gates. This charming town is one of the most prominent and historical towns of Rajasthan. It was built by Rao Indra Sal Singh , raja of Bundi state. The fort is amazing as its architecture is rare and unique. It is also known for the famous temple of Bijasan Mata and Kamleshwar. The tank of Indragarh is one of the most enchanting place, especially during the rainy season.