Flora & Fauna

"Flora "

"Tropical Fruits From Bundi Forest"

Pemly Ber-
Ziziphus mauritiana

Very famous & Delicious Indian Ber found in abundance in Indragarh area of Bundi.

Manilkara hexandra

The khirni fruits, although available only for a brief period in the hot summer season, secrete a flavourful milky fluid inside that tastes similar to sapota/chikoo, .

Aegle marmelos

Bael fruit is a sweet, aromatic fruit that grows on the bael tree (Aegle marmelos) that is native to India and Southeast Asia.

Kaith /Kavit-
Feronia limonia

Kaith is one of the most important herb in Ayurvedic medicine system found around forest of Bundi.

Bundi's Sanctuary

Ramgarh Vishdhari​