Sh Ashish Gupta, District magistrate & District Collector, Bundi Introduces  this website and telling about,  this year the Bundi Utsav-2020 can’t be possible due to pandemic COVID-19. All the people can watch the activities of Bundi Utsav through this website………..



The festival is going to be celebrated from 02-04 December 2020 in the Bundi district of Rajasthan. According the Hindu Calendar, Bundi Utsav Festival is celebrated on the 2nd Day of the 9th month  “Margshish”.


This celebration is of great cultural significance which show a deep insight of the colorful tradition of the Rajasthan.

The City of Angels Welcomes you...


There are so many Glorious stories About the Bundi... to tell you.

City / Urban

Bundi is located in South Eastern part of Rajasthan at 24° 59’ 11” to 25° 53’ 11” Latitudes and 75° 19’ 30” to 76° 19’ 30” Longitudes. Boundaries of Bundi District touches Tonk & Sawai Madhopur in North, Bhilwara in West, Ajmer in North-West, Chittaurgarh in South-West and Kota in South. The area of Bundi district is about 5819 Square kms.

Land of the Angels

Founded in 1241 AD, Bundi has remained unaltered in its medieval charm. An unspolit place, it is one of the least explored of Rajasthan destinations. A land enriched with history and culture, scenic grandeur, generations of persistent tradition, and irresistible charm. All of this is the equation, which defines Bundi, Angel’s own destination.

Bundi Style Paintings

In the Bundi town, painters used to decorate their imagination in th form of paintings. The paintings created here have a distinctly personal style, which scholars have named as ‘Bundi Style’


The Empire of Hadas- Bundi

The early 12th century, the area was inhabited by tribes and it was named after the local Meena tribal king, Bunda Meena. It was also called ‘Bunda-Ka-Naal’; naal means a narrow paths. 24th June In 1241, Rav Deva Hada took over Bundi from Jaita Meena and area came to be known as Hadoti or the land of Hada Rajputs. Col James Tod, the first British official ever to explore Rajasthan extensively, writes in his Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan (1829) that the “coup d’oeil of the castellated palace of Bundi, from which ever side you approach it, is perhaps the most striking in India”. The creamy stone domes, cupolas and bleached walls of the palace justify Tod’s impression. Built in the true Rajput style, it is one of the few royal palaces in Rajasthan untouched by Mughal influence.

Photo Gallery of Bundi Utsav


The Gallery of - Artist Sunil Jangid

The Gallery of - Artist Pankaj Sisodiya

The Gallery of Wild Life Artist Pappu Lal Kumawat

The Gallery of - Artist Ashish Shringi

The Gallery of - Artist OP Nama and Artist Shweta

The Gallery of - Artist Neha Solanki

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Bundi ..A town with charming nature
Rising from the hills behind is Bundi's main attraction, Garh Palace, one of India’s largest palaces, and a place where Kipplings & Colonel Tod's dreams are made. Then there are the ancient and intricate step wells, which are dotted throughout the city. My Best Wishes for the 779th Glorious Foundation day of the Bundi.
Sh. Antar Singh Nehra, IAS
IAS, Former DM , Bundi
A small, quiet town, with a beautiful, atmospheric castle and palace looming over it, and completely surrounded by mountains. An unbeatable setting.
Bundi school of Miniature painting has always enjoyed a special place of pride and dignity in the world of art and paintings.
With Best Wishes

Smt. Rukmani Riar, IAS
IAS, Former DM , Bundi
Bundi will make you feel the difference between the old culture and new tradition, feel the touch of strong winds of the great Rajputi saga in the quiet town, feel the Real Beauty of nature, and enjoy the depth of real Rajasthani traditions. Bundi will not disappoint you even a bit if you are here to see the deep - rooted culture and tradition of the Rajasthani people Thank god, I never aparted with this beautiful town. My Best Wishes..
Smt. Mugdha Sinha,IAS
IAS, Former DM & Incharge Secretary , Bundi
Simply wonderful efforts. Quite gripping & enchanting. Congratulations to the Team headed by the Collector Sahab.
Sh. R. K. Jain, IAS (Retd.)
Former DM, Bundi
Missing Bundi... My Best Wishes
Sh. Naresh Kumar Malav, RAS
ADM, Bharatpur

Excursions Photographs Gallery

A glimpse of Precious moments (2011 to 2017)

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