Bhimlat Water fall

 Bhimlat falls can easily be called an oasis in the land of desert. The Bhimlat Dam is located on the upstream of Abhaypura dam and is 36 kms away from Bundi city. Extensive vegetation and water attracts the people to this region. The water falling from a height of approx 125 feets and making its way into the sea green pond on the foothills of falls, the phenomena looks absolutely stunning with green woods beautifying a side of falls. Amid the dry desert land of Rajasthan Bhimlat falls is a delight for both - foreign and domestic tourists.

Rameshwar Water fall

 Rameshwar is a cave temple of Lord Shiva and is surrounded by the Aravali Ranges. A waterfall here during the monsoon makes this a wonderful picnic spot. It is believed that the Shiva linga was established by the Pandvas during their exile.

Hindoli Pal

  Hindoli is a small town in the Bundi district of Rajasthan, India. Situated in the lap of the Arawalli Hills, the town is a trade center for many small villages.  Ramsagar lake in Hindoli, surrounded by hills and trees is a beautiful attraction for tourists. Paal Bhagh picnic spot is a garden on the banks of Ramsagar lake.

Gudha Dam

  Gudha is located about 10 kms from The NH-12 at Badanaya Gaon in the Hindoli subdivision. The Dam is a pleasant tourist place. The Gudha Dam was built in 1958 over the Mez river, a tributary of Chambal, and is embraced by 15 beautiful "Mazara" (small islands). This is popular picnic spot. The sunset through the mountain ranges gives a charming view of the lake. The full moon night is a special attraction for this place.